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Ashok Selvam IN as Senior Editor, Sarah Freeman IN as Contributing Editor at Eater Chicago

It's all happening.

2016 is shaping up to be a big year at Eater Chicago. As editor, I'm beyond thrilled to welcome two new positions: one promotion and one new staffer. Ashok Selvam, a longtime award-winning journalist in Chicago at The Daily Herald, Crain's Modern Healthcare and more, is stepping into the role of Eater Chicago's first Senior Editor. Ashok, who knows Chicago like the back of his hand, has been writing for Eater Chicago for nearly two years, first as a contributor and then as Associate Editor. Follow him at @shokdiesel.

And Sarah Freeman, a seasoned food and drink writer in Chicago who was most recently the Chicago Editor for Zagat, is coming aboard as Eater Chicago's Contributing Editor. She boasts a passion for the culinary industry that is only rivaled by her thirst for quality cocktails. Follow her at @sarahischi.

Together, they're bringing huge amounts of talent and even more coverage to the Chicago restaurant and bar scene.