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Spiteful Brewing Building Taproom Neighboring Half Acre's Upcoming Facility

Is it the start of Balmoral Brewers Row?

Future site of Spiteful Brewing Co.
Future site of Spiteful Brewing Co.
Google Maps

While the taproom at Half Acre Brewing Co. prepares to launch food service at its Lincoln Square taproom, up north in Bowmanville, Spiteful Brewing Co. announced the construction of a new brewery next to Half Acre's own project. Spiteful's facility includes a taproom, that the Tribune reports will be open within a year at 2024 W. Balmoral Ave.

This isn't a case of dueling barrels, as Spiteful's ownership team gained permission from Half Acre's Gabriel Magliaro before going forward with their plans, according to the Trib which coined the phrase "Balmoral Brewers Row." Half Acre's massive project will include multiple restaurants, including one that leans toward fine dining. Spiteful's plans aren't as grand, but they include the taproom and capacity for 30 barrels. It certainly represents an upgrade compared to brewing inside a modest condo.

Stay tuned for more as Spiteful rolls out more news.

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