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Iliana Regan Planning Casual New Japanese Spot Next to Elizabeth

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But it's a ways off.

It's the tire shop
It's the tire shop
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Bunny the Microbakery isn't the only new place Iliana Regan is working on. The star chef and restaurateur behind Michelin-starred Elizabeth has leased the space next door—a former tire shop—and is planning a casual all-day Japanese restaurant and tea bar. She cautions that she's very early in the process, however, and is working on funding it.

The restaurant would offer ramen, which she's been experimenting with at popups, as well as preserves and pickling with "traditional Japanese styles," dumplings, beer, and a tea bar. It would serve doughnuts and coffee in the morning, lunch specials based on washoku (a traditional Japanese cultural style of cuisine often made with various fresh local ingredients and balanced nutrition), and weekend brunch. "I don't think Lincoln Square has any (ramen places) yet so it might be nice for the neighborhood," she says.

Meanwhile, she says she's waiting for the city to approve architectural renderings for her other new project, the delayed Bunny the Microbakery, and then they'll "just open after that," which could be anywhere from two weeks to two months from now. She has also released tickets for Elizabeth's fairy tale-themed fall menu, which are available here.


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