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Michael Kornick's Chicken Sandwiches Hatching in DMK Evanston Space

Plus biscuits and sweet tea for the former DMK Burger & Fish.

The former DMK Burger & Fish
The former DMK Burger & Fish
Marc Much

Acclaimed longtime local chef Michael Kornick will be the next to jump into the booming chicken sandwich scene. The MK chef/owner will replace Evanston's shuttered DMK Burger & Fish with Arlen's, a chicken sandwich-on-biscuit spot that will offer complementary sweet tea near Northwestern. It's slated to open sometime this fall, according to Food Republic, following some changes to the space to give it an "approachable fast food look."

Kornick and partner David Morton opened the burger and fish combo of their standout Lakeview spots north of the border in February 2014 and shuttered it for reconcepting on May 31, but coincidentally opened a similar concept on Navy Pier today. Their chicken sandwich spot will join a plethora of others both locally and nationally, including Leghorn, Parson's Chicken & Fish, and The Roost.

More menu and opening timeframe details on Arlen's, named for Britt Arlen, a staffmember who won a company chicken cook-off, should be available soon.

DMK Burger & Fish

815 Noyes St, Evanston, IL 60201 (773) 360-8686 Visit Website

Arlen's Chicken

815 Noyes St, Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 424-8226