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Endgrain Oddly Reopens in Roscoe a Bar

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Don't expect any of Enoch Simpson's doughnuts.

Daniel Gerzina

After shuttering nearly nine months ago to "reconceptualize," Endgrain, the former all-day standout in Roscoe Village, is back—as a very simple bar. Gone are former chef/owner Enoch Simpson, his lauded doughnuts, cocktails, and other chef-driven food; replaced by $2 Blue Moon cans, "pint o' bacon" and other typical bar food. And oddly, it still has the same name, signage, interior, and website—which still shows Simpson's menus, photos, "about us" page and a link for reservations—as the original iteration of Endgrain.

The restaurant hasn't responded to inquiries, so it's unclear who's running the place now, although a bartender says some of the original partners are still involved. Simpson, however, is definitely not involved, as he says he and his family moved to Nashville a month ago and he'll be the sous chef under Rene De Leon (Next, The Dawson) at the forthcoming Le Sel.

Endgrain quietly reopened last week and is open Wednesdays through Sundays. Check out the food menu below in case you're in the mood for mini corn dogs.

New Endgrain Menu


1851 W Addison, Chicago, IL 60613 773-687-8191