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Publican Quality Meats Unveils New Chef as Predecessor Leaves For Virtue Cider's Restaurant

The Publican sous chef starts today while his predecessor is working on Virtue's upcoming restaurant.

AJ Walker
AJ Walker
Chloe List

The Publican sous chef AJ Walker is moving across the street today to take the kitchen reins at Publican Quality Meats. Walker, who came to Chicago from Ohio six years ago, has spent most of his time working his way up the ladder at One Off Hospitality's temple to pork, oysters and beer, first under the tutelage of Brian Huston (Boltwood) and then Cosmo Goss.

Walker says he's particularly eager to get more butchering proficiency and expects PQM to begin hosting more dinner events once he settles in. The 29-year old Walker replaces Missy Corey, who the company parted ways with three months ago, according to a rep.

Corey, meanwhile, has moved on to become the culinary manager for Greg Hall's Virtue Cider in Fennville, Michigan. Corey and garden manager Ryan Beck will work together to create a "stand-alone restaurant" on the company's farm, according to a statement. Both have a background in sustainable agriculture and are building the restaurant their shared goals and philosophies.

Publican Quality Meats

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