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Sandwich Celebration: Cemitas Puebla Returning to Humboldt and Opening Logan Popup

The Humboldt location will open in around a year and the Logan Square year-long popup will open in around a month.

The Fulton Market location won't be the only Cemitas Puebla for long
The Fulton Market location won't be the only Cemitas Puebla for long
Marc Much

When the original Cemitas Puebla closed in Humboldt Park in May, owner Tony Anteliz said that it was "only a temporary setback and I'm confident we will find our future Humboldt Park location soon." Anteliz is a man of his word, revealing today that he has a new space for his legendary Mexican sandwich eatery in southeast Humboldt Park that he's hoping to open in spring or summer of 2015—and he's opening a temporary location in Logan Square until it's ready, the Tribune first reported.

Anteliz calls the Logan Square space at 3129 W. Armitage "a great opportunity to let us have a spot for a year," and that it's "ready to go." He anticipates opening in three or four weeks after hiring and training staff and acquiring licenses. It's nearly across the street from Scofflaw, providing drinking and eating synergy between the two standouts on a blossoming hospitality strip.

As far as the new Humboldt space goes, Anteliz isn't revealing its exact location yet. The Trib reports that it needs "significant renovation," which accounts for the long wait until opening. But the year-long popup will help that ease that delay, and the newer Fulton Market location is still open.

Cemitas Puebla

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