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Izard Won't Duck The Question: New Restaurant Opening 'December-ish'

Izard previewed Duck Duck Goat's menu on Saturday at Chicago Food + Wine Festival.

Stephanie Izard interacting with fans at Chicago Food + Wine.
Stephanie Izard interacting with fans at Chicago Food + Wine.
Cambria Harkey

Stephanie Izard said she felt goosebumps on Saturday while talking before an energetic crowd at the inaugural Chicago Food + Wine Festival. But in truth, the geese weren't the fowl on the crowd's mind. They were more interested in duck, specifically Duck Duck Goat.

That being said, Izard told the crowd that her new West Loop Southeast Asian restaurant at 857 W. Fulton Market has been pushed back from a November opening. The restaurant is now slated to open "December-ish," or "sometime before the Year of the Goat ends." The Chinese Year of the Goat ends Feb. 7, so Izard gave her team some leeway.

Izard's cooking demonstration provided a glimpse of Duck Duck Goat's offerings, as she tore through China and Taiwan earlier this year for inspiration. Expect nine different types of noodles, including what Izard calls "slap noodles," named after how cooks slap the dough in shaping the noodles: "They're not really called that," Izard explained.

Other details? Although Southeast Asian cooking doesn't use much butter, Izard's will go against tradition: "Fried rice with butter is so much better."

Also, Izard told the crowd that her favorite place traveling was in Sichuan, specifically Chengdu. But don't expect the super spicy cuisine like the food the Chinese province is famous for: "I'm kind of a spice wuss," Izard admitted.

Izard also shared more details about Duck Duck Goat's take-out window, which was reported in June. The window will be open until 2 a.m. so customers can pick up dumplings, noodles and even dessert. Izard touted a Taiwanese-cilantro ice cream spring roll, made with peanut brittle, kind of a "fun ice cream sandwich."

Judging by the crowd's applause, December-ish can't come soon enough.

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