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Former Glazed GM Planning South Side Cake & Ice Cream Spot

Gray says he's closing in on a lease in South Shore.

The hopeful future home of cake and ice cream
The hopeful future home of cake and ice cream

Cake and ice cream has been a staple of children's birthday parties for years, and James Gray hopes the sweet sweet classic combination will be a hit with Chicago sweets enthusiasts. The Glazed & Infused and Goddess and Grocer vet is planning a string of cake and soft serve ice cream spots, named Sweet James Soft Serve Co., beginning on the South Side. Gray says he's close to finalizing a lease for the first at 7100 South Shore Dr., which he hopes to open in mid-October.

Gray is masterminding a few items for his shops: ice cream cones covered in cake crumbs, chunks of cake in chocolate or caramel sauce served in cups, and a variety of cookie ice cream sandwiches covered in cake crumbs and dipped in chocolate. He'll make the ice cream in house and use Toni Patisserie baked goods. Bow Truss is on board to provide coffee.

Gray hopes the South Shore location is only the beginning, as he hopes to have "two or three more open by next summer." He started a GoFundMe account to help launch the concept, which has raised $670 out of a $10,000 goal.