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Stephanie Izard's Contest Looks to Draw Qualified Cooks to Chicago

The James Beard winner will fly the winner out, arrange housing and have them stage at her restaurants.

Stephanie Izard
Stephanie Izard
The Door

An issue getting a lot of ink lately is the growing concern over a lack of qualified, dedicated cooks to fill available positions at restaurants around the country. Chefs have been grousing about it for some time, and it has boiled over into articles in Eaterthe Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post and Fortune. One chef/restaurateur who has decided to have a little fun in her pursuit of cooks is Stephanie Izard.

Izard put out a call for cooks from across the country in a short video, offering positions at Girl and the Goat or Little Goat, her diner across the street. She even provides her direct email address (, asking for resumes and a "creative explanation as to why we should pick you!" Check out the video below.

The winner will be flown to Chicago, given a place to stay and be able to stage at Girl and the Goat as well as Little Goat. The contest begins today and runs through August 31.

In other Izard news, her forthcoming Chinese restaurant will begin construction this coming Monday and is expected to open near the end of the year or beginning of 2016, according to Boka Group head honchos Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm.

Little Goat

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Girl & the Goat

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