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Trotter Vets John and Karen Shields Plan 2 Restaurants in Chicago Return

The married couple are shooting for a late-fall opening in the Centered Chef space in the West Loop.

John and Karen Shields
John and Karen Shields
Creel Studio

After a number of years of attempting to get a restaurant off the ground in Washington D.C.'s Georgetown area and Philadelphia, Charlie Trotter's vets (and married couple) John Shields and Karen Urie Shields have made plans to return to Chicago, according to the Tribune. The pair are taking over the two-story Centered Chef spot (177 N. Ada) and intend on turning it into two separate restaurants with a to-be-determined link.

The vision is to have the upstairs feature two tasting menus (eight- and fourteen-courses) and possibly utilize Nick KokonasTock prepaid ticketing system. Downstairs will be the fuel for the entire project it would appear, featuring food and drink menus that are more casual in nature that will attract repeat business.

The Shields, who also spent time at Alinea and Tru, hope to have their as-yet-unnamed restaurants open in late fall, but are not holding firm on a date just yet. Stay tuned.

Centered Chef

177 North Ada Street, Chicago, IL Visit Website