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Land & Sea Dept Commences Construction on Ronny's Space in Logan Square

They started working on the project in the former punk club more than two years ago.

The former Ronny's space
The former Ronny's space
AJ LaTrace/Curbed Chicago

More than 27 months after reports surfaced of Land & Sea Dept. taking over, there's finally some movement in the old Ronny's space in Logan Square. Land & Sea (Longman & Eagle, Parson's Chicken & Fish, Lost Lake, Cherry Circle Room) partner Peter Toalson filed a building permit for the building in the spring, and the former divey punk club at 2101 N. California has since been gutted, as an Everyblock user spied and posted an interior photo of last week.

Land & Sea has yet to go on the record about the project, and their publicist oddly didn't respond to a request for an update, so specific conceptual details and an opening timeframe are still under wraps. The permit is for "interior renovation...for a new tavern/restaurant," with the second floor housing a kitchen, so food service will obviously be involved in addition to the presumed inclusion of beverages by star cocktailer Paul McGee.

Stay tuned for more of what promises to be one of the hottest upcoming openings from one of Chicago's hottest groups.