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Twitter Complaint Pulls Next Co-Owner Kokonas Into Public Argument

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Jennifer Neu took to Facebook and Twitter taking issue with an assumed "patio fee," but has since deleted comments.

Next Restaurant
Next Restaurant

In "you should think things out clearly before taking to social media" news, a customer complaint about assumed "patio fees" at Next Restaurant got the attention of co-owner Nick Kokonas. Jennifer Neu, tweeting from a now private account on Sunday evening, posted the following: "Wow! I finally give in and have a drink at Next while others have food and I'm charged a service charge of $12! Hate more than ever." Kokonas responded by saying "@buffy88nw please point out the ‘patio fee' you talked about on FB. Doesn't exist. Just SC (service charge) in lieu of tip. Standard."

The Facebook post in question was removed at some point after the exchange and after an article appeared in Chicagoist that called out Kokonas for posting a picture of Neu's receipt with "a fair amount of identifying information," something Chicagoist corrected by putting the information in red (see below).

Kokonas would not comment on the record and Neu did not respond to requests.

Should Neu have taken talked to a server or manager before taking to social media to voice her complaints or was she justified in her approach? Did Kokonas take the correct tactic in handling the situation publicly? What could both sides have done to have resolved this situation differently? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts.

Next Restaurant

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