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Trotter Vet Unleashing Ampersand Wine Bar on Lincoln Square Tonight

The food and wine focused restaurant has obtained its licenses and will start serving customers this evening.

After a bit of a delay, Ampersand Wine Bar, the passion project from Charlie Trotter vet Darren McGraw, will finally be open for business this evening.

Take a look around McGraw's cozy, neighborhood space and get a feel for the room. Expect 16 seats at the bar (the lower half of the bar resembles a wine rack, which is appropriate), two 8-foot communal tables, five two-top tables and then seating for around 16 on the sidewalk patio.

The restaurant's name is represented by a metal ampersand art piece greeting guests on the street, while another piece, this time painted on wood, is hung against a wall to the side of the bar. The large picture window in the front of the restaurant brings in plenty of natural light to the room which features contrasting woods for maximum effect.

You've already seen chef Tim Havidic's menu and today you can see the entire restaurant in person.

Ampersand Wine Bar

4845 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625 (773) 728-0031