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Chicago Gourmet Grand Cru Honoring Bon Appetit Best New Restaurant Winners

Eight chefs have been announced for the event happening September 26 and 27 in Millennium Park.

Chicago Gourmet
Chicago Gourmet

Last year's Grand Cru at Chicago Gourmet celebrated the James Beard awards, this year's will turn the focus to chefs across the country that have been best new restaurant recipients from Bon Appetit magazine. Of the eight chefs/restaurants announced today, only one, Los Angeles' Ari Taymor at Alma, is not from Chicago. More chefs/restaurants will be added in advance of the event, which takes place the weekend of September 26 and 27 (there were sixteen chefs total last year).

Below is the list of participating chefs and their respective restaurants.

Saturday, September 26 Jimmy Bannos Jr. (The Purple Pig), Matthias Merges (Yusho), Chris Pandel (Balena), Erling Wu-Bower (Nico Osteria). Saturday is sold out.

Sunday, September 27 Abe Conlon (Fat Rice), Edward Kim (Mott St, Ruxbin), Patrick Sheerin (Trenchermen), Ari Taymor (Alma)

Six master sommeliers from across the country will join wine curator Serafin Alvarado at the event.

Tickets for the Sunday edition of the 2015 Grand Cru located at the Harris Theatre rooftop, presented by the law firm Eimer Stahl LLP, are on sale here for $199 per person. The Grand Cru is a separate event from the Chicago Gourmet, so you'll need a ticket for that as well. Attendance maxes out at 400 people, so get to clicking if you want to go.