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A Glimpse Inside Coalfire Southport, Opening by August in Lakeview

The acclaimed pizza spot's multi-room expansion is sleek yet industrial.

Southport eaters are oh-so-close to getting a major dose of coal-oven pizza. Coalfire Pizza, the acclaimed longtime spot on Grand, is just about done with the interior of the new place at 3707 N. Southport in advance of the projected July 30 opening date. Take a gander at the photo above for a sneak peek inside.

The second Coalfire is twice as large and has a significantly upgraded design than the original. Sleek yet industrial, the front door leads to a full bar room with tables made of trees sliced lengthwise and two coal ovens prominently placed in the rear. A separate dining room to the right (not pictured) has plenty of full tables and banquettes. There's also exposed brick and strategically-placed coal accents.

Owner Dave Bonomi promises new menu items (including a pizza made with stracciatella, Slagel Farms pork sausage, hot red peppers, fresh basil) as well as a full cocktail list, as the original only serves a small beer and wine selection. Much more to come before the opening.