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Illinois Happy Hour Debate Rages Nationally Via New York Times

Piece Pizza's Bill Jacobs once more shares his opinions on why happy hour should remain banned in Illinois.

The debate over happy hour in Illinois continues.
The debate over happy hour in Illinois continues.
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Seems as Piece's Bill Jacobs has garnered some national attention for his anti-happy hour stance, as he's penned a New York Times editorial reiterating his opposition. The story, published today, is part of the paper's package examining if happy hour specials should be banned. Jacobs provides the sole perspective from Chicago.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has yet to take action on the bill that would once-more legalize these drink specials which Springfield lawmakers banned in 1989 at all Illinois establishments. Jacobs takes issue with the notion that Illinois restaurants need happy hour to better compete for tourism spending with restaurants in California, Florida and other states that allow for happy hours. That's something the Illinois Restaurant Association has argued in support of the bill. Jacobs wrote that the unintended consequence will be among local restaurant and bar owners trying to attract drinkers with the most ridiculous specials the bill would allow. Chicago and Illinois offer would-be tourists more reason to visit than just drink specials, Jacobs argues, and the potential for increased DUIs isn't worth it.

Arguments in favor of happy hour in the Times' package include a post citing the need to relax. That post reasons that happy hours are meant only for a few drinks, not pre-gaming for a longer night out.

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