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Duck & Run: Izard's Duck Duck Goat to Feature A Takeout Window

The window will most likely open before the rest of the restaurant this fall.

Stephanie Izard
Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard's new Chinese-inspired restaurant, Duck Duck Goat, will have a takeout window that will hopefully open before the rest of the joint is ready to serve customers this fall. Izard shared those details with Travel+Leisure, telling them that the window will focus on Taiwanese street food including, noodles, dumplings and fried chicken.

Izard chatted about how her trips to China inspired her, mentioning various textures and ingredients. Still, she's not bringing everything back she sampled. Izard won't serve stinky tofu or pig's blood cake to patrons, feeling her guests aren't adventurous enough. Good thing Chicago still has a Chinatown so diners can try those items.

Construction continues at the site at 857 W. Fulton Market. Meanwhile, check out Izard's Instagram post from earlier this month, showing a preview of the dumplings her crew will serve at Duck Duck Goat.

Afternoon snack! Dumpling spot open from 3-6pm daily. Pretty sweet cooking gig;) #goatsgoeast

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