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Scofflaw Group Unveiling Cocktail Lounge Above Slippery Slope Next Week

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The Heavy Feather will be 70s-inspired.

It's up there.
It's up there.
Marc Much

When cocktail gurus the Scofflaw guys opened their raucous Logan Square dancing and drinking haven Slippery Slope in May 2014, they promised to open a more "relaxed" spot upstairs at a later date. That date is finally almost here, as well as details on what it will be.

Naming it The Heavy Feather, the group describes the second floor concept as a "not-so-modern Fern Bar," referring to the casual upscale bars that were popular in the 70s and were often decorated with ferns. Slope beverage maestro Doug Phillips has designed a selection of 70s-themed cocktails, such as spritzers and "Freddy Fudpuckers," that will be served in a chill setting with gold mirrors, "polished walnut," and leather booths. Look for more details on the menu and space soon.

Given how crowded and raucous Slippery Slope regularly is, The Heavy Feather should be a good respite from the madness complete with drinks from some of the best cocktailers in Chicago. It opens in one week (July 2) and will be open Thursdays through Sundays.

Slippery Slope

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