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Franklin BBQ, Land & Sea Dept Popup Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

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Hit refresh liberally tomorrow.

Franklin Barbecue in Austin
Franklin Barbecue in Austin
Franklin Barbecue

Details are out for the much-anticipated Franklin Barbecue popup, brought to Chicago by the folks at Land & Sea Dept. The three-day smoked meats extravaganza with James Beard award-winning chef Aaron Franklin will take place in the Land & Sea offices at 3124 W. Carroll St., each will event (july 2-4) will begin at 7 p.m., and each ticket costs $100. Tickets go on sale on Friday at noon—here is the eventbrite page.

If you're trying to attend, logging on early and hitting refresh liberally is highly recommended as a recent San Francisco popup sold out in under one minute. Good luck to all and enjoy the famous 'cue from Austin.

Land & Sea Dept.

3124 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL 60612 (312) 282-6092