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Rosebud Restaurants Sued by Elderly Former Employee For Alleged Age Discrimination

71-year-old Daniel Miller alleges that Rosebud fired him without reason and replaced him with a 25-year-old.


Another former employee is alleging discrimination against Rosebud Restaurants. Daniel Miller, a 71-year-old former general manager at The Rosebud on Taylor Street and a 25-year Rosebud employee, filed a suit Monday morning in the United States District Court in Chicago alleging that Rosebud fired him because of his advanced age in October 2013. Miller believes the local Italian restaurant chain let him go "without giving him a reason" before replacing him with someone more than 40 years younger than him, according to court documents and a statement from his attorney Eugene K. Hollander. Miller is seeking earnings compensation, monetary damages, a return to his former job, and changes in Rosebud policies.

A Rosebud spokesperson, in a statement first reported by ABC7, says that "Rosebud Restaurants has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination of any type. Mr. Miller's employment ended due to legitimate business reasons unrelated to any of his allegations. We look forward to presenting our case in court and are confident that the integrity of our employment practices will be proven through this process."

This isn't the first time a Rosebud staffer sued his or her former boss. There was a broad race discrimination lawsuit in September 2013, followed by a former CEO alleging in June 2014 that he was fired for suggesting that suit "might have merit." Rosebud spokespeople said they did no wrong but a federal judge denied their motion to dismiss the suits in April 2015. And there was the uproar over a fired cancer-stricken deliveryman in October 2014, but that didn't result in a lawsuit and Rosebud offered him his job back.

The full document for the latest suit is available below. Rosebud will have 21 days to respond once served, according to Mr. Hollander's spokesperson, and further court dates have not been scheduled yet. Hollander successfully sued Rosebud for pregnancy discrimination in April 2006.


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