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Sodikoff Morphing Roxie's Into a Burger Spot For Entire Summer [Updated]

Hogsalt founder temporarily closed his pizza spot in Bucktown and will replace it with a summer-long burger popup.

Roxie's By The Slice
Roxie's By The Slice

Is a little bit of Au Cheval heading to Bucktown? A popup burger restaurant from Brendan Sodikoff is coming this entire summer to his pizza restaurant, Roxie's By The Slice on Milwaukee Avenue, Time Out Chicago first noticed, and Roxie's closed up after service last night. It will begin sometime in the "next few weeks," Sodikoff said via Facebook, and Roxie's will return to the space at a later date.

Sodikoff is keeping menu details and exact dates close to the vest for now but promises more information very soon. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: In a press release, Sodikoff reveals more details on the popup. Roxie's Burger Shop, which is described as a "retro burger shack," will serve "classic stacked American cheeseburgers," fries, chocolate and vanilla malted milkshakes, and "artisanal condiments" from New York company Sir Kensington's. Expect some construction on the space and a mid-June reopening.

Roxie's By The Slice

1732 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60647 (773) 987-6543