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Lawless is Lovin' it: Gage Owner Snags McDonald's Space on Wabash

Details are few on the project.

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It's been a little while since Billy Lawless opened a new restaurant, the last one in a new space being The Dawson in October 2013. But now the owner of The Gage and Acanto is arranging his next project—in a space currently occupied by a McDonald's on Wabash Avenue between Trump Tower and the Magnificent Mile, Chicago Real Estate Daily reports.

Lawless says it's "too early" to discuss specifics on the name or concept, which he hopes to open next winter, although it will include a spacious outdoor area. McDonald's will exit the space at 405 N. Wabash—a semi-hidden building that also includes a pizza place, deli and an L.A.Tan—sometime this month. More to come.