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Sodikoff's Cocello to Become Daytime-Focused Italian Bakery and Coffee Shop

Hogsalt founder says new Cocello will focus on daytime service and a "place to get work done."


There will be some more changes at Cocello very soon. Brendan Sodikoff's Italian reconcept of Dillman's that opened last year in River North will discontinue reservations (the last date available is June 6, according to OpenTable) and close for a few days at a very soon but undetermined date in order to become an Italian bakery and coffee shop that will focus on daytime business.

"I want to focus on the bakery and a.m. production of Cocello," Sodikoff writes. "Some lighter all-day fare. The late night business is not ideal at the end of this block but daytime is great."

The all-day spot will serve a full menu from the mornings through early evenings and keep the same name. Expect baked goods and pastries, pizza and focaccia at lunch and early dinner, coffee and espresso drinks, salads, and cocktails and wine. The full new menu should be available soon.

Sodikoff says the space will undergo some interior design changes, including using a back area for Hogsalt office space, and make the entire interior into "a space that promotes collaboration and shared ideas" with "a hospitality stance."

"At its core this is just a welcoming restaurant, but we have the square-footage to offer some great comfortable seating and invite people to stay a while to get some work done," he writes. "I know we're going to make great use of it for our own company and invite others to do the same."

Sodikoff has been doing lots of coffee work lately, as he also has a deal to serve Bow Truss coffees at his Doughnut Vaults and opened C.C. Ferns Coffee inside the California Clipper in Humboldt Park last month. The new Cocello will seemingly continue on that path and also harken back to the cafe portion of his former Dillman's. Stay tuned for more details.


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