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Tinder Games Creator Retires, Claims Intent Wasn't To Use Men For Food

Chicagoist interviews 22-year-old Lakeview resident who called herself "Tinderella"

The Tinder Games
The Tinder Games

The woman behind the Tinder Games has reached the pinnacle of her career and is retiring. "Lara" told Chicagoist that she and her girlfriends created the free food competition on the dating app during a "wine night" earlier this month.

The rules were simple: Swipe right and ask all your matches for pizza. The first one to receive pizza wins. "Lara" even accepted chain pizza, posting photos of Papa John's pizza on her Facebook page, complete with the dipping sauce and chicken wings. She told men to send the food to a nearby Starbucks to avoid creepers:


[photo: Chicagoist]

The 22-year-old Lakeview resident has since deleted her Tinder profile. She also said she wasn't in it to use the men, saying it was some sort of social commentary on online dating. Was it any "better" than asking someone to buy you a drink at a bar?

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