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Just Salad Opens Trendy NY Chain's First Midwest Location Tomorrow in Loop

It'll serve more than just salad.

Is salad the next trendy food concept? If so, Just Salad hopes its getting in on the ground floor in Chicago, as its opening its first domestic location outside the New York City area tomorrow on the ground floor of 20 E. Jackson St in the Loop. The expanding fast-casual salad chain operates 19 locations in New York City plus spots in New Jersey, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates.

The basis of the food concept revolves around an array of healthy salad options that can also be made into wraps: 15 salads live on the main menu in addition to a seasonal menu, soups, and a smoothie bar. The chain champions its use of local in-season produce, affordability and nutritional transparency, as the vast majority of dishes are under 500 calories before adding dressings. The Chicago-specific seasonal menu, which you can read below, includes the "Windy City Kicker" (romaine, hot Italian pork sausage, giardiniera, parmesan, green peppers, celery, red onion).

Just Salad

20 East Jackson Boulevard, , IL 60604 (866) 673-3757 Visit Website