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Ex-Embeya Chef Thai Dang's Plans For New Restaurant are 'Well Underway'

Dang is planning to go back to his roots with Haisous.

Thai Dang
Thai Dang

While Thai Dang was only cut loose from Embeya just over a week ago, he already has a new project that's "well underway." The Vietnamese chef tells Steve Dolinsky that he hopes Haisous, which was partly brought about by a trip to Vietnam immediately before his dismissal, will be Chicago's "first truly authentic Vietnamese restaurant."

"Danielle (Pizzutillo, Dang's wife and former Embeya beverage director) and I are currently looking for a space," Dang said this morning.

Dang also delves into many more details surrounding his dramatic exit from Embeya, which you can read about in Dolinsky's story. Embeya owner Attila Gyulai has yet to comment, but the announcement of Embeya's new chef, who he promised would be "nationally acclaimed" in the March 31 statement, is expected by the end of the week, and Embeya as slated to reopen on April 15. Stay tuned for more on all fronts of this story.


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