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Lincoln Square Cocktail Bar From Ben Schiller Gets Name and Signage

The Sixth and a Roots Pizza are under construction on Lawrence.

The Chicago Real Estate Local

There's finally movement on the long-awaited Lincoln Square bar from cocktail maestro Ben Schiller and the adjoining Roots Pizza location. The under-construction space at 2200 W Lawrence now has signage that displays the bar's name—The Sixth—according to The Chicago Real Estate Local blog.

The forthcoming Roots was originally reported in June 2013 and word broke that Ben Schiller's bar would come with it nearly a year ago. Roots was originally planning to open in early 2014, according to a report, while the opening timeframe for the bar was slated for early this year, yet the name was previously unknown. The Fifty/50 Group applied for their liquor licenses in January.

A Fifty/50 Group rep declines to comment on the new locations—stay tuned for updates.