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Pastry Chef Kymberli DeLost Leaves Hot Chocolate for Billy Lawless' Restaurants

DeLost will run the pastry programs for Acanto, The Dawson and The Gage.

Kymberli DeLost
Kymberli DeLost
Nicole Ess

After a year in the positionKymberli DeLost has moved on from her duties at Mindy's Hot Chocolate to run the dessert programs at Billy Lawless' restaurants (AcantoThe DawsonThe Gage). "I enjoyed my experience at Hot Chocolate and learned a lot during my time there," DeLost said in a statement.

The DePaul graduate (with a degree in culinary arts) states that she has some goals she wants to achieve at each restaurant. At The Gage: To "brighten up the desserts with a little more technique and components." For Acanto: "Show a refreshing and light side to end a night of pizza, pasta and cheese." And for The Dawson: "Play! Mirror the fun of the cocktail and food programs with desserts (for guests) to leave happy with."

DeLost, who has also spent time at Storefront Company, Japonais and helped create Waffles' hybrid pastry the "Wonut," was the first chef other than James Beard-award winning owner Mindy Segal to steer the pastry ship at Hot Chocolate.

Reached via phone, Segal, who is launching a tour to promote her cookbook Cookie Love on Monday, stated that she took over pastry duties briefly when DeLost left around Valentine's Day. Kelsey Morgan, Segal's former assistant, took the reins a couple of weeks later. Segal made a point to say that all is good with everyone ("very kumbayah") and that DeLost is someone who is "very talented," who "worked very hard," and that Segal is "very proud of her."


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Mindy's Hot Chocolate

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The Gage

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The Dawson

730 West Grand Avenue, , IL 60654 (312) 243-8955 Visit Website