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Nagrant: The Corned Beef Factory Delivers Chicago's Best Corned Beef Sandwich

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Red Eye critic picks sandwich over Manny's Deli.

The Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop
The Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop

There have been many who have chimed in on the best sandwiches in Chicago. The Red Eye's Michael Nagrant may not have a resume as beefy as a sports writer, but he's also offering his pick, at least for best corned beef sandwich. It's from The Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop in Fulton Market.

Yes, Nagrant picked The Corned Beef Factory over Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli. Imagine how that's going to make Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Harvey feel? The Corned Beef Factory's been open since January, and Nagrant says the corned beef made onsite is the best in the city, better than offerings from Vienna Beef and United Meats.

Agree with the analysis? Or is there another contender? Sound off in the comments.

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