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Diner Relic Ed Debevic's Leaving Longtime River North Home

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The kitschy diner with singing servers has been in business since 1984.


A relic of old-school Chicago restaurants is being displaced by a new construction development. After a report this morning in Chicago Real Estate Daily, a spokesman for the kitschy '50s diner Ed Debevic's confirms that the restaurant will vacate its longtime home at 640 N. Wells Street at some point later this year. "We're currently looking at locations closer to Michigan Avenue," says Jeff Himmel of Debevics, LLC. "We invite our fans to join us in our final days at the corner of Wells and Ontario."

A residential tower will replace the one-story Ed Debevic's building, according to reports. Debevic's, known for its singing, trash-talking servers and classic diner food, has been in business at the location since 1984. Stay tuned to see where it goes and when it leaves.

Ed Debevic's

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