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Bollywood Actor to Serve You Indian In Two Weeks at Columbus' Curry

Long-delayed Indian restaurant nearly ready to open in Wicker Park.

Columbus' Curry

Did you forget about Columbus' Curry, that forthcoming Wicker Park Indian restaurant owned by a former Bollywood actor? If so, it's probably because it was slated to open last October 12. But now, more than six months later, owner Rahul Bajaj says he's finally almost ready to go, slating the opening for around two weeks from this very moment.

Bajaj says the fast-casual Indian concept at 1359 N. Milwaukee will serve food inspired by his mother's dining table in New Delhi, India, who would cook an array of dishes and his family would pick and choose which they wanted. This memory will manifest itself iat Columbus' Curry in what he describes as "the greatest hits of Indian food, served as a customer-determined combination"—that means customers will be able to arrange their own affordable meals from a selection of curries, rices, protein and vegetarian-based entrees, and desserts that you may or may not already be familiar with. Expect craft beers, including a selection of IPA's, as well as wines by the glass and non-alcoholic beverages to drink. The full menu will become available closer to opening.

Like the climax in a good Bollywood movie, Bajaj hopes the opening of his restaurant will be worth the wait.