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Bill Kim's Special Wagyu Burger at bellyQ

As part of Eater's 2015 burger week, chefs at a few Chicago restaurants that don't serve burgers agreed to make a special limited-edition burger, served this week. Here now is the "bellyQ Wagyu Burger" from bellyQ.

BellyQ's Wagyu Burger
BellyQ's Wagyu Burger
Connor Rudny

Bill Kim has shown a penchant for providing new takes on Asian food at his restaurants bellyQUrbanbelly and Belly Shack. Now he's taken that innovation and applying it to a burger.

Kim describes the "bellyQ Wagyu Burger" that is being served at all three of his restaurants this week. "Everything is homemade. From the sesame Chinese bun to grinding all of the beef in the restaurant. We make all of our mayo and sauce in-house. I don't think anybody will be doing a burger quite the same."

BellyQ and Urbanbelly will be serving the Wagyu cheeseburger grilled on a sesame Chinese bun with curry fries and kimchi nuoc cham. Belly Shack is using the same burger, but griddle theirs and serve it on a toasted Chinese bun with togarashi fries and curry mayo. Both burgers are priced at $13.

Kim's Wagyu Burger is available at all three of his restaurants, bellyQ, Urbanbelly and Belly Shack through Friday.


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Belly Shack

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