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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Unveils Unique Chicago Menu Before April 21 Opening

The popular New York-based 'cue chain opens on Weed Street in one week.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Chicago
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Chicago
Ashok Selvam

Chicago will officially have a location of the New York-based uber-popular Dinosaur Bar-B-Que chain in one week from this moment. When its first location outside of New York and New Jersey opens to the public on April 21, Chicago eaters will be able to try a few new dishes that are unique to this location in addition to the large menu of standout barbecue and more that mobs of customers have been eating back east for more than two decades:

  • Hacked jerk ribs: Dinosaur owner John Stage calls this dish "an ode to Chicago rib tips." Dinosaur's ribs are a cut in half, smoked, quick-fried, and hit with jerk sauce.
  • Pulled lamb shoulder: The shoulder is marinated in Korean red paste, soy and ginger, Stage says, then smoked for five hours and pulled off the bone before more sauce is added. The meat is then quick-fried, glazed, and served with fried rice.
  • Pork 3-way: Three pork dishes in one combo plate with sides. Smoked, crispy pork belly, house hot link sausage, St. Louis Ribs, and chow chow with corn bread.
  • Pulled chicken wraps, a fermented cole slaw side, a few sliders, and local beers are also unique to the Chicago location.

All Dinosaur locations are known for their St. Louis-style ribs, jumbo smoked chicken wings, and much more. The Chicago spot is outfitted with four smokers in a second kitchen upstairs (two wood, two gas). Brand-new company executive chef Leland Avellino will oversee the food here until Stage feels it's smooth. Check out the full Chicago menu below.

Dinosaur Bbq

932 Weed St, Chicago, IL (312) 462-1053