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Edward Kim's Special Mott Burger at Mott Street

As part of Eater's 2015 burger week, chefs at a few Chicago restaurants that don't serve burgers agreed to make a special limited-edition burger, served this week. Here now is the 'Mott Burger' from Mott Street.

Mott Street's Mott Burger
Mott Street's Mott Burger
Nick Fochtman

"Our goal here was to create a hamburger that hits the key notes of greasy, savory, salty and sweet," says Mott Street chef/partner Edward Kim. Kim created the "Mott Burger" for Eater's Burger Week 2015, featuring two quarter-pound chuck patties with sweet potato shoestrings, hoisin aioli, pickled jalapenos, dill pickles, miso butter, diced onion and American cheese on a toasted bun for $10 (an optional fried egg is $2 extra).

Kim continues to describe the Mott Burger: "The sweet potato shoestrings add a playful crunch; the hoisin aioli adds a sweet layer of richness—similar to other ‘secret sauces,' if you will. The miso butter boosts the umami flavor and adds a nice caramel note; the heat of the pickled jalapenos, the diced onion and the dill pickles add a great vegetal crunch and help cut the richness of it all; and the American cheese is, well, the always important, go-to burger ingredient."

The Mott Burger will be available at Mott Street through Friday.

Mott St

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