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Eater Burger Week 2015 Starts Right This Very Second

Get those napkins ready.

Ladies and gentlemen, Eaters of all ages, it's time for a very special announcement. Beginning right now and ending at around 5 p.m. on Friday, the entire Eater Universe will dive into a very special, delicious topic—the burger. That's right, it's time for Eater's third-ever Burger Week.

Here in Chicago, expect to see a plethora of maps and features covering a multitude of burger topics. And Burger Week doesn't just happen on your screen, it also happens in restaurants: Five acclaimed Chicago restaurants that don't usually serve burgers—Bohemian House, Mott Street, Formento's (and Nonna's), BellyQ (and Urban Belly), and Eataly—have created special Eater burgers and will serve them this week only. Stay tuned for details of each.

You, dear reader, can also participate. Start a discussion in Eater's new forums and send us a note to share anything burger-related that your heart (and stomach) desires. And come back regularly to check out all the highlights.