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Scofflaw Group Reveals Name, Young Gun Chef for New Seafood Spot

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Jonathan Sawyer protege comes from Cleveland to run the kitchen before the opening this month.

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Screenshot: Vimeo

Details are starting to trickle in regarding the forthcoming secret seafood restaurant from the Scofflaw team. While they're still keeping the exact address close to the vest (it'll be somewhere in Logan Square), a new video, released today, reveals the name, chef, and one dish.

Named Sink | Swim, Matt Danko, an Eater Young Gun from the class of 2012, will run the kitchen. Danko was most-recently the executive chef at Trentina, Jonathan Sawyer's heralded "modern opulent" restaurant in Cleveland. Danko left that restaurant in December, reported, and it turns out that he headed to the brighter lights of Chicago.

At Sink | Swim, Danko will put those skills to use for the Scofflaw group in at least one sophisticated dish—a monkfish liver torchon. Watch him prepare that in the video below, and stay tuned for much more. It's still slated to open sometime in March.

SINK | SWIM • Monkfish Liver Torchon from Jugoe / GlassBackwards on Vimeo.


3213 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (773) 486-7465