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Is Spin Returning? Former Owner Takes Back Space, Opening Nightclub Soon

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The "gateway to Boystown" is returning to its longtime owner.

The original Spin
The original Spin
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More than nine months have passed since the Boystown crowd lost their beloved nightclub Spin, but its longtime owner is taking back the space and planning something for it soon—whether it's the return of Spin or not. Owner Dave Gassman, who purchased the building in 1998 and sold it in May 2014, doesn't know exactly what name he'll use yet but says "it's definitely going to be a nightclub...whether it's called Spin or something else."

Gassman, who says he still wears Spin hats and T-shirts around the neighborhood, adds that he will rebrand the corner space. He has a city inspection on the calendar for March 17, and if he passes, he hopes to open in mid-April following some remodeling.

It turns out that Jason Zilberbrand and Jordan Zabinger, who bought and immediately shuttered Spin in May 2014 to open Whiskey Trust and Chloe's less than two months later, went bankrupt, according to Gassman. They brought on LKH Management (Hydrate, Elixir, Replay) for help and shuttered completely in December. Gassman, who still owns the entire building, took the Spin space back because they "owed me money" and "stopped paying me rent."

Now, the corner building dubbed the "gateway to Boystown," will return to what some consider its rightful owner—and perhaps its longtime concept—next month. Stay tuned.

Whiskey Trust

3206 N Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 857-0793