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Watch Dion Explain Harry's No Cell Phone Antics on 'Fox & Friends'

Antic's house rules at Harry's Velvet Room landed the restaurateur on Fox News.

Harry's Velvet Room
Harry's Velvet Room
Marc Much

Longtime local restaurateur Dion Antic has hit the publicity jackpot with his set of "house rules" at the recently-revived Harry's Velvet Room on 1480 W. Webster in Lincoln Park. Taking a page out of The Violet Hour's rulebook, which has notably featured "no cell phone use inside lounge" for years, Antic instituted an expanded policy at Harry's that asks patrons to silence phones, refrain from "yelling or hollering," discourages selfies, and asks men not to "approach uninterested ladies" and to send a drink instead.

Yesterday, Antic's policies garnered a national "news" spotlight when the silver-haired restaurateur appeared on Fox News' daily morning show "Fox & Friends" to explain. Check out the video below.