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Look Around Strings 2 and Grasswood, Giving Lincoln Park a Ramen and Tea Cafe

Ramen shop opening tomorrow while tea cafe may be a little behind.

Tomorrow, Lincoln Parkers will get its first dedicated ramen shop when Strings Ramen Shop opens its cozy expansion at 1629 N. Halsted. The new location, while small, packs lots into a modern subterranean space, including an adjoining high-end tea cafe and a DJ.

Like many ramen bars, Japanese-inspired wood paneling is the name of the game at Strings 2. But they've accented that with a plethora of greenery and rows of Japanese lanterns overhead. Grasswood, the tea cafe, is more modern with less wood, and couches give it a lounge feel.

Check out the Strings menu here. It'll soft open at 5 p.m. tomorrow, staying open until 2 a.m. Grasswood may not open with it tomorrow, however.