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Kinmont Reels in Former Top Cheffer Aaron Cuschieri as New Exec Chef

The former Slurping Turtle chef will add new dishes to the sustainable seafood restaurant's menu.

Aaron Cuschieri
Aaron Cuschieri
Potluck Creative

After the exit of opening chef Duncan Biddulph, Element Collective has reeled in a prominent up-and-coming chef as his replacement at the sustainable seafood spot Kinmont. Aaron Cuschieri, a former "Top Chef" contestant who was last seen as the executive chef of Takashi Yagihashi's Slurping Turtle, is the new head of the kitchen.

Taking Kinmont's helm this week, Cuschieri has new menus in the works that add more pastas and sandwiches to the seafood and shellfish dishes. A burger with bone marrow and a lobster roll are on there (read the dinner menu below), and wild game proteins as well as a surf and turf twist with pork belly and octopus are promised.

Opening chef Duncan Biddulph left the restaurant in January to move to Nashville. Element Collective partner Jared Van Camp calls Cuschieri's hiring "a no-brainer" and that he "brings a high level of craft and technique to the table."

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