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Unique Tacos and Communal Tables Await at Velvet Taco Viagra Triangle Tonight

Look around the Chicago location of the Texas-based "urban taco shop."

Untraditional tacos courtesy of the Lone Star State are available to Chicagoans beginning at 5 p.m. Velvet Taco's Chicago location is two hardwood floors of long communal tables, exposed brick, and splashes of color in a former Subway on State Street just south of Division, where food and beverage will be available from the morning until the wee hours for Viagra Triangle bar hoppers.

Five sections of tacos, arranged by type of meat, vegetarian or egg are numbered on the menu and include fried paneer, fish and chips, Cuban pig and tikka chicken. Sides and whole rotisserie chickens are also available, the latter even has a separate back door. Margaritas, craft beer, and a variety of iced teas are there to drink.

Velvet Taco Chicago is counter service and seats 69.

Velvet Taco

305 South Andrews Avenue, , FL 33301 (754) 216-4610 Visit Website