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Sam McDermott Exits Juno; Jacob Demars Announced as His Successor

McDermott ran the hot side of the Lincoln Park restaurant's menu since re-opening in mid-September.

(From L-R) Sam McDermott, Jacob Demars, Juno
(From L-R) Sam McDermott, Jacob Demars, Juno
Twitter, Chicago Agashi, Marc Much

A little more than four months after re-opening Juno in the wake of a fire last year, Sam McDermott has stepped down as chef at the Lincoln Park restaurant, according to owner Jason Chan.

McDermott, who had been building Buttermilk, a Bento Box delivery company before joining Juno, held his last service on Jan. 24. Chan states that Jacob Demars is now the executive chef, with B.K. Park staying put as the sushi chef.

Chan had the following to say about McDermott via his personal Facebook page: "His passion, dedication, commitment, talent, focus and unquenchable thirst for learning and knowledge is remarkable and a benchmark for most." Chan adds: "Sam is the quintessential professional, a real chef, creative, humble, driven and, most of all, a real true friend."

Expect the same menu as before under Demars, but with "different execution," Chan says.

McDermott has not yet responded to questions posed to him, so expect an update on the reasons behind his decision and what he has in the works.

Juno Restaurant

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