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The Chicago Coffee Index: What a Cup Costs by Neighborhood

Check out how coffee prices vary depending on area.

Cup of Coffee
Cup of Coffee
Aleksandar Grozdanovski/Shutterstock

Coffee creates conversation, no matter where in Chicago. And lately, there's been tons of conversation in the city about the cost of coffee and the neighborhoods where these shops reside.

After sorting through hundreds of coffee menus, here's a breakdown of how much a 12-ounce coffee costs at coffee shops across eleven areas in Chicago. Not every neighborhood is included, and the coffee shops were broken down based on zip code. The big chains were omitted, and the prices reflect a "to stay" cup. These numbers are meant as a cursory glance of how neighborhoods reflect pricing.

Bucktown/Wicker Park coffee shops charged the most at an average of $2.39 a cup, while Hyde Park and Bronzeville charge the least at a $1.78 average. Overall, the average cost of a cup of coffee in Chicago is $2.12. If a neighborhood is omitted from the list, and you're curious on the price, chime in on the comments.

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