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Little Goat Bread Shutters French Market Location

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The Boka group's food stall follows other recent exits from the market.

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After months of speculation that it would close, Little Goat Bread has officially left Chicago French Market. While representatives have not yet officially confirmed, the food stall's name and page are both gone from the market's website, while Yelp is also reporting it has closed.

The writing may have been on the wall in early November when Little Goat Bread on Randolph was rechristened as Little Goat Bakery with more focus placed on the pastry side.

A tip received back in early November that indicated that John des Rosiers' Wisma, Lavazza Espession and Little Goat Bread all planned to vacate the market before the new year, has now been fully realized. Wisma and Lavazza pulled out before the end of 2014.

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