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UPDATE: The Pork Knight Returns: Here's What's On the Hot Doug's Pizza at Piece

Doug Sohn also to serve Hot Doug's fare on May 16 at Paulina Meat Market.

Doug Sohn
Doug Sohn
Piece Pizza
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UPDATE: Pizza isn't the only thing on Doug Sohn's agenda. He'll be at Paulina Meat Market serving up sausages on May 16 in what's essentially a one-day Hot Doug's pop up at the butcher. The Tribune reports that Sohn will be on hand serving Hot Doug's sausages, as Paulina produced many of the encased meats for the restaurant.

Original post as follows:

Those wondering what a lovechild between Hot Doug's and Piece Pizza would look like have their answer.

Available beginning Sunday, it's a safe bet that the Atomic Pizza will be spicy, as it's a red sauce pie topped with pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions and Hot Doug's infamous "Atomic Bomb" sausage (pork encased meat with habaneros, serranos and jalapeños). Piece will only serve the pizza during March—it's the same deal Piece had in February with Stephanie Izard and in January with the folks from Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Piece donates proceeds from those pizza sales to the Pilot Light charity.

Piece announced the collaboration with Sohn in December. The demand to know how Sohn would top his pizza grew so much that Jacobs decided to try a social media experiment and make the announcement about the toppings via Piece's social media channels. A couple of customers guessed foie gras would be a topping.

The recipe was only recently finalized, as Sohn has been out of town. He closed up Hot Doug's in October. Since then he's been presumably wandering the world Kung Fu style and armed with nunchucks made out of encased meats.