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Scofflaw Seafood Restaurant Opening Within Weeks in Logan Square

But details are few.

The original Scofflaw
The original Scofflaw
Marc Much

The Scofflaw group is opening not just one, but two spots in the very near future. The guys behind two of the most acclaimed and busiest bars in Chicago, Scofflaw and Slippery Slope, confirmed this morning that they're opening a chef-driven restaurant very soon—in addition to their forthcoming tiki bar.

They're refusing to reveal the name, chef, or exact location, however, except that it will again be somewhere in Logan Square. Yet the opening is nearly here—target date is sometime in March and hiring is underway—and the only conceptual detail they'll give up is that it will focus on seafood.

Sneak attack openings have become more prevalent lately, as another recent high-profile concept, Paul McGee's Lost Lake, was announced roughly two weeks before it opened. Stay tuned for much more on Scofflaw's latest.