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Shin Thompson, Takito Guys Unleashing Furious Spoon Ramen On Wicker Park Tonight

...with 100 free bowls and a hip hop soundtrack at the late-night spot that's intended to "mimic ramen shops in Tokyo."

Generations in the making with just four months of construction and training, chef Shin Thompson and the guys behind Takito Kitchen are unleashing their quick-service ramen restaurant on the Wicker Park masses at 5 p.m. Furious Spoon will give away 100 free bowls to its initial visitors to the space just doors south of the North, Milwaukee and Damen nexus.

Intended to "mimic the ramen shops in Tokyo," Furious Spoon customers will order from a counter before settling into one of 60 seats at either long wood communal tables, a noodle bar in front of the open kitchen, or stand at a front window counter. Splashy street art and hanging lantern light fixtures decorate the walls, while 1990s hip hop pumps from speakers.

Thompson, whose grandfather owned a ramen shop in Japan, will personally mix and pull sheets of dough through a fire engine-red antique ramen machine every day to make your noodles that end up in one of four bowls, priced between $6.75 and $11.75. Handmade gyoza and three rice bowls are also on the menu, along with topping choices, housemade Japanese pickles and apple chili hot sauce for mixing.

Four types of Japanese beer, sake, sodas and eventually whiskey will be available to drink. Read the entire menu below.

Thompson believes the housemade noodles, which customers can watch being made, along with the quick service, affordability, and late-night hours (open as late as 3 a.m.) sets Furious Spoon apart from others in Chicago's ballooning ramen scene and will take advantage of the high traffic neighborhood's nightlife and many single residents. Try it for yourself at 5 p.m.; it will open at 11 a.m. every day beginning tomorrow.

Furious Spoon

1571 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 687-8445