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Eataly Replaces La Carne With Osteria Eataly, an All-Around Italian Restaurant

The massive Italian food hall now has a restaurant that serves many types of dishes in one place.

Osteria Eataly
Osteria Eataly

When Eataly Chicago opened in December 2013, all of its restaurants, aside from the more formal Baffo, focused on different dish themes such as pasta, seafood, meat, and vegetables. That's changing today with the opening of Osteria Eataly, which replaces the meat-focused La Carne in a more secluded area on the massive Italian food hall's second floor.

Osteria Eataly serves a menu that's broken into more traditional Italian sections: antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci. Pastas, meats, seafoods, salads, desserts and more live together, backed by a small list of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks.

An Eataly rep says the change is a response to customers who asked where Eataly's main restaurant resides. Read the full menu below.

Eataly Chicago

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