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Pearl Tavern, Barn & Co. Owners Planning Pizza and Music Bar For Flaco's Wrigleyville Space

Heating & Cooling is slated to open in time for Cubs opening day.

3530 N Clark St
3530 N Clark St

The people behind Pearl Tavern and Barn & Company will take a stab at the Wrigleyville scene this spring. After speculation just hours ago, Adolfo Garcia and Carmen Rossi are the new tenants of the Flaco's Tacos Wrigleyville space, who plan to add more pizza, beer and ampersands to the neighborhood when they hope to open Heating & Cooling in time for Cubs opening day on April 5.

Rossi and Garcia are ambiguously terming their thin crust pizza "All-American style." They'll use red and white sauces and traditional and original toppings in large slices and whole pies. Can and draft beer will be available. They'll redesign the bi-level space to include an open pizza kitchen, music stage and outdoor patio; while the decor, which they say is an extension of the name, will center on 1960s and 70s rock music and European motorcycle culture of the same time period.

Garcia and Rossi have been expanding a lot lately, and one of Garcia's projects, Son of a Butcher, is being pushed back to April. Rossi, whose partner Kevin Killerman owns Deuces & The Diamond Club across the street, is still working to open Pomp & Circumstance in Old Town.

Dimo's, Big G's, and Bacci Pizzeria are the other competing pizza options near the historic home of the Cubs that's in the midst of a renovation.